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“Burst out crying is not only because of your leaving”

It is a human face. If you stay, it will look at you. You leave, it cry.The face is only crying behind you. The observers is the only people can see the face crying, and it’s a interesting point for me in the beginning. This project is called “portrait”, and this work is the first one of this project. I try to use the first emotion of human to build this humankind robotic face. Maybe it doesn’t have high artificial intelligence, but I try to use crying this movement to explore human relation between machine and man.

fukana.com/hsien-yu-c/work/portrait/ [http://fukana.com/hsien-yu-c/work/portrait/] demo via the link. Thanks!!

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

9V baterry, for each 3 hours this work needs 2 baterry.

spotlight and a place for hang the work on.

  • AV Installation

Taiwan Taipei