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[Text available only in English] It's a video-installation "open" to any expressive declination, draws inspiration from a search conducted by the university of Groningen, according to which a woman's presence, independently from her physical aspect, it makes to lift the level of 8% man’s testosterone.
In a dark and bare room, chosen to place container, the performer finds himself with his own stagnation of the libido, in a reality that has lost of sense and depth.

The man becomes a dike that accumulates erotic potential without relief valve ; the disturbance and the desire are mortified as soon as, the only possible catharsis will be transposed in the food, the only grip able to return the ability to be satisfied to the protagonist.

The sonorous-musical score, integral part of the performance, feeds and sustains the imaginary of whom observes; it becomes register invisible following the dramaturgy of the action and varying of time in time, as to point out the emotional conditions.

For user of the performance the imaginative space is granted, entering an isolated and electric place, to understand the sense of deprivation and inadequacy. 8% sets up as a video-installation for man and manikins, about the masculine attraction towards the form-woman, an investigation on the modern individual incapable to operate and to act: disappeared the elective affinities all that remains it’s the chemistry of the body.

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Τι χρειάζεται

p>1 little cot flexible (possibly of iron)<br />

1 mattress + white sheets<br />

1 television possibly old style, with entry bonnet stereo or projector (this depends on the typology of the room)<br />

1 bonnet or simply external audio<br />

1 reader dvd<br />

2 neon to illuminate the stage objects<br />

some lettuce + flats of alluminium</p>

  • AV Installation


Cilema Reisen
Cilema Reisen

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