Satellarium II

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Satellarium II
[Text available only in English] Satellites exchange information with their counterparts on Earth and also between each other, creating an invisible network of communication above our heads. Their function is diverse, ranging from GPS localization, mobile communication to internet support. Artist collective Ephemeral Tomorrow aim to show these events in their site-specific audiovisual installation Satellarium II.
The heart of the artwork consists of an over dimensional, projected disk in the dark above the viewers, representing the fragment of the sky visible from the location of the exhibit The gradient on the background of the projection represents the sun and is related to its real-time position in the sky.
The work also investigates the relation between light deflected and reflected by the satellites: according to the time of the day, the satellites are represented as white, grey and black dots, which diameter and thickness are based on their distance from Earth. During day time, they are shadow spots over the bright sky, towards the night, they start reflecting the light from the sun, becoming white points in a dark sky and generating dynamic real-time constellations. In front of the circular projection, a LCD screen shows the name of the satellites orbiting above Berlin-Wedding and counts the time until the next passing satellite. The passing satellites generate geometric black and white shapes that, combined with the dynamic soundscape, create an enigmatic and intriguing atmosphere around the viewers.
Visuals and sounds are based on real time tracking of the satellites, by processing informations available on open source online databases. The image therefore correlates with a subtle soundscape inspired by real audio signals and interference noise produced by satellites, which were recorded on earth. They once more reveal the omnipresent existence of satellites and how we are constantly surrounded by those data traces. Ephemeral Tomorrow draws attention to the passive consumption and actual ignorance when it comes to shared information. The group combines astronomical and technical knowledge with clean and minimalistic aesthetics, encouraging the viewers to question reality and to become more aware of its subtle digital aspects.

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1 x full HD projector
5 x full range PA speakers
cabling (HDMi, USB, Power supply) according to the size of the location

  • AV Installation


Ephemeral Tomorrow
Ephemeral Tomorrow

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